Culinary Tours

Georgia is unique with its delicious traditional cuisine. Each region has its outstanding culinary tradition. Archeological discoveries testify that cereal and viticulture played an important role in the culinary of Georgia. Traditional Georgian cuisine is so peculiar with Kakhetian shashlyk roasted on a vine reed,  Kakhetian churchkhela made of  grape juice, long ponted loaf, bladder-nuts, Mingrelian  elarji – hominy with fresh cheese kneaded in, gebzhalia – softened cheese dish,  ajika (hot, spicy, flavoured dip) and satsebeli (tkemali – cherry plum souce). Adjarian borano –egg pie with cheese, sinori – lavash combined with Georgian cottage cheese and butter, Samtskhe-Javakhetian tatarberaki – made with finely chopped and cooked dough pieces with onions stewed in butter.  As for the traditional dishes from the mountain area it has to be noted: khinkali (Georgian meat dumplings), Kaurma (mutton stewed in own fat with onions), Guda (cheese from mountain region of eastern Georgia), Imeretian new cheese and khachapuri (cheese pie), kuchmachi (a traditional Georgian dish of chicken livers, hearts and gizzards with walnuts and pomegranate seeds for topping), as well as Svanetian kubdari (filled bread dish with chunks of meat) and Svanetian salt,  Rachian lobiani (pie made of mashed beans) and Rachian ham, Gurian maize-bread and Chanchukha (churchkhela with nuts).

With us you will have a wonderful possibility to take part in preparation of national dishes per your choice.

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